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before your appointment . . .

Prepare Yourself

Some people like to take a couple of Advil or Tylenol before their waxing visit or even a stiff drink to help avoid discomfort. I find that with the proper waxing techniques this is not really necessary. If you know that you tend to produce redness or inflammation easily, you might instead try taking an anti-histamine before waxing to help prevent temporary inflammation.

Don't Trim Your Hair!
Even if you think your hair is so long it can be braided, resist the temptation to trim your hair before the appointment. Let the waxer make that call. You may find some waxers who disagree with my position, but I think they would agree that there is nothing worse than having someone show up and their hair is too short for the wax to grab onto. The longer your hair is the easier the removal process will be.

after your appointment . . .

Post-waxing Irritation

It is normal to have a bit of redness after waxing. Using quality waxes helps to minimize this, but the heat causes a certain amount of redness on its own. This should disappear within a matter of hours. Apply a warm washcloth to the area or apply Lavender or Tea Tree essential oil to help relieve any irritation.

Because of this post-waxing irritation which almost always occurs, do NOT get waxed on the same day you are attending a big event. Getting your brows done two hours before your awards dinner is not a good idea. Getting a Brazilian wax on the same day you plan a hot tub date is not that good of an idea either.

Be sure to tell your waxer about any post-waxing irritation that concerns you.

Keep it Clean

The hair follicles remain open for up to 12 hours after waxing. That's plenty of time for surface bacteria to get lodged in there if the skin isn't kept clean.

  • Don't apply deodorant for the rest of the day after underarm waxing.

  • Don't apply any heavy moisturizers or oils to the skin for the next couple of days. Keep the pores clean and open.

  • Don't go tanning the same day as getting waxed. Your skin will burn more easily on the day you get waxed and you may get hyperpigmentation (brown blotches from the sun).

  • Don't get waxed if you already have a sunburn. Really. Trust me. It hurts.

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